About Me

With a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music, Lowvee is a musician, author, and closet chef. (No, she doesn't cook in the closet! She merely delights in preparing scrumptious meals for her loving family and wowing them to bits). Lowvee has been making beats, telling tales, and vandalizing kitchens since Cindy Crawford’s mole got its first editorial feature. A few years ago, she combined her fondness for storytelling and witchcraft to pen the first book in her five-part YA fantasy series, Boundless Magick. Now, it seems, she can’t pry herself away from her keyboard without feeling she's left a bit of her soul behind.

When not composing music for herself and other artists, whipping up batches of edible masterpieces, or penning the swarm of novel ideas buzzing around in her head, Lowvee enjoys reading, drawing, and glamping (glamour camping) with her husband and children.

Interesting tidbits: Lowvee dabbles in graphic design, building websites and designing graphics for herself and for small businesses. She also creates her own bookcovers, formats her own books, and has recently begun to record, mix, and master her compositions, as well as those of other artists. All this, and she works as a field surveyor for a national contracting company!

In short, she's extremely driven and likes to keep busy.

my awards

#1 Song MTV's Ourstage

"Angie": The story of a young woman who went missing and was presumed dead, her best friend believing her death was his payment for finding his true love.


Top Ten and Top 40 Ourstage

Numerous Top 10 and Top 40 MTV Ourstage Award for: "Angie," "Don't," "Dance with Me," "Far and Away," "When it all Comes Down," and "To Laura with Love".


Artist Top 100 MTV's Ourstage

Four-time award winner as a top 100 artist on MTV's Ourstage. (Peaked at #38)


Authors and Musicians Who Inspire Me

JK Rowling

While I'm not a fan of her latest works, no one can deny her seven-part Harry Potter series is a force with which has yet to be reckoned in the history of YA literature. If you haven't yet read Harry Potter in full, you are seriously missing out! Incidentally, I'm sickeningly and irrevocably in love with Snape: the greasy, hook-nosed Potion's Master, turned Head Master, turned unsung hero.

Becca Fitzpatrick

I absolutely love the way Becca draws you into her world with the incredible depth of her imagery and smooth-talking bad boys. My favorite books from her are the Hush Hush Series, but I also enjoyed Black Ice and Dangerous Lies, even if her protagonists are a bit dense. I mean who would fall for a guy who admitted to wanting to murder you with a paring knife while you were cutting up taco fixings?

Tori Amos

Before I die, I want to meet and sing with this woman, not on stage, but in a private music room with her at the baby grand piano. She moves me unlike any other being on this planet. From "1000 Oceans," to "A Sorta Fairytale," to "Little Earthquakes," and more. She's the only entertainer/artist/writer I've ever shelled out money to hoard copies of every single one of her creations, including concert bootlegs.

Amy Kuney

This indie-pop artist, who now goes by the name of AMES, has earned my utmost respect as an independent artist with her catchy tunes, the vulnerable sound of her voice, and her whimsical melodies. She's battled many a demon along the way. I think that's why her work really resonates with me. It's real, it's raw, and it leaves you frantically googling her for more. She stays in your head long after her last note fades away.